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Are you tired of wasting a lot of time trying to add that much-needed professional element to your audio? Your podcast is important to you and deserves the most exceptional listening experience.
Our experienced team of professionals is ready to add a wow-factor to your sound. You need an audio professional who is committed to enhancing the listening experience by offering premium editing and custom Voice-Over to your product.
Podcast Production Pros is an advanced one-stop shop, offering reliable services to both new and veteran podcasters who need help with their podcasts. Our team of highly qualified audio engineers have years of experience in sound editing and know exactly what it takes to make a podcast stand out.
From a solid show open, creative script writing, commercials and voice-over, post-production editing, and more, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering groundbreaking results.  Get In Touch With Us Today!

Podcasting Packages

In addition to our large variety of additional services, we also offer 3 monthly packages based on your service needs.

Our Projects

The Glorio Recording Studio is the brainchild of musicians who understand that the
best art comesfrom the best environment.

American Girl
Bonnie McKee
Into The Sun
Robben Ford
Better Nature
Silversun Pickups
I Don’t Care
Nicki J.

Our Clients

  • Michael L. Earle
  • Ann R. Houston
  • Natasha D. Ward
  • Katie W. Dunnv
  • Roger L. Hoehne
  • Thomas A. Elliott
  • Bobby T. Hodge
  • Lisa N. Cook
  • Nathalie T. Smith
  • Ben P. Worrell
  • Jane F. Wilcher
  • Pauline C. Day
  • Gabriel F. Chau
  • Galen A. Martin
  • Michael L. Earle
  • Michael V. Vazquez
  • Matthew J. Duncan
  • Rickey T. Campbell
  • Jonathan J. Ku
  • Theresa R. Ochoa
  • Angela J. Hunley

What the Reviews Say

“The products I have produced with their help have been accounted outstanding, both in terms of music and graphics. I recommend Glorio Recording Studio unreservedly and unqualifiedly. We are really thankful for the work that you guys have put in for us!”
– Ida A. Wakefield
“My first initial session to record a demo for my publisher was meant to be a one-off. I was so impressed with the standard and level of service that I went back to record songs some of which are on my soon to be released new album”
– Tony V. Capallo
“I wanted to drop you a brief but sincere couple of lines of thanks for all the hard work you put into making the music & sound behind Economy Gastronomy such a success. Despite having a new brief thrown at you seemingly every other week”
– Anetta Anderson

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